May 20

In my spare time when not working on Portable Legal Consent, I continue to work on Open Access issues.

About ten days ago, I got home from vacation to news that I could go to Washington DC and meet with John Holdren, the Science Advisor to President Obama. He’s a nice guy, and it was a great meeting. He seemed to understand the issues and our points. Like any good political appointee he was non committal of course.

But it was a brutal trip. Redeye on a Tuesday night from the West Coast after a full day of meetings, change into a suit (and shave) in a public bathroom because Dulles Airport has no showers, meeting, back onto the plane home. 

And it hit me - us, because I was with Mike Carroll, Mike Rossner, and Heather Joseph - that the redeyes and the meetings and the arguing were not carrying the day. We needed to do something else. 

So we started the Access2Research campaign to engage the public in open access. Please go, read the context, and if you agree, sign the petition. The only thing missing from the open access debate is the public. You can remedy that - but you’ve only got 30 days to sign, and we need 25,000 signatures to carry the day.