Video, audio, and slides of talks I’ve given.

You can always find my updated slide decks at my slideshare.

The Emerging Politics of Personal Research Data

Inaugural Sanger Series Lecture at Virginia Commonwealth University. Probably my favorite talk of the past year or two.

TED Talk

From TED Global 2012.

My talk is also featured in a TED blog post on the talk itself, a collaborative TED post on “5 Steps For Being An Impatient Patient” inspired by the talk, and the NPR TED Radio Hour “The End of Privacy.” 

You Should Be Sharing Your Health Data

Address given to the KCALSI Annual Dinner. My main point is that most of our data is economically insignificant, in the individual, but that we can create an amazing science resource if we exercise our rights to it so that we can donate it to research.

Annual Dinner 2013: Keynote Speaker, John Wilbanks, “If You’re Not Selling Data, You Should Be Sharing It” from KCALSI on Vimeo.

We Need A Politics Of Big Data

A keynote address given at TelX Marketplace. The day the NSA revelations hit.

Morning Keynote - John Wilbanks - Telx MarketplaceLIVE 2013 from Telx on Vimeo.

Measuring the Value of Open Data

An address on metrics and frameworks for evaluating the value of open data to FASTER. FASTER is the Faster Administration of Science and Technology Education and Research (FASTER) Community of Practice (CoP), which is part of the US Government’s National Coordinaton Office.

Let’s Pool Our Medical Data

A special seminar at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

How Social Media Can Change Science

A panel at the Milken Institute’s Partnering for Cures Forum. See also coverage in Forbes.

Choose Your Monopolies Wisely - StrataRx Keynote

Building a Biomedical Research Commons

Testimony To United States Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

No embed code, but my part starts about 16 minutes in on this flash video. February 2, 2012. 

Innovation in Green Business - One Radical Idea

Lecture at Designing Geopolitics - CalIT2

Creativity and Collaboration in the Academy - Lecture at the USC Annenberg School of Communication

Partnering for Cures - Launch of Consent to Research

Me and Stephen Friend launching Consent to Research at the Milken Institute’s FasterCures Partnering for Cures conference. NYC, November 2011.

Freedom (To Research)

The Fragmentation and Re-integration of Scholarly Communications

At UCLA, May 11 2011. On the subject of the fragmentation and re-integration of scholarly communications, and what it means as the old ways of integrating and disseminating science (i.e., the monthly printed journal) gets totally borked by the network. A little bit of detail on how to use the web to put humpty dumpty back together.

The Inevitability of Open

At the TERENA 2011 Network Conference. I gave the closing keynote. No embeds possible, but a nice hires version, with me in a corner and big shots of the slides. Many of the same themes as the UCLA talk, but with a bigger focus on the broad aspects of open access and less on the complexities of technical re-integration.

Transform 2010: Mayo Clinic

I gave a short talk (15 minutes) on three choices we need to make about sharing data for health at the Mayo Clinic’s Transform 2010 conference on health innovation.

oldies but goodies

Overcoming systemic resistance to generativity in science - a talk I gave at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard in 2010.

A Worldwide Web for Science - talk given at the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke University.

An interview I did at the Kauffman Foundation on entrepreneurship, science, and health - no embed, but a good interview.

Scientific Findings in a Digital World - podcast of an event I hosted at the British Library in 2009.

A while back I got named a revolutionary mind by Seed. They followed me around with cameras at work while I gestured. This is the output. Revolutionary Minds